Thursday, May 31, 2012

my love is forever

My love is forever.
Life is better, when we are together.
We can cross that line
knowing the sun will shine.
There will be rain
and there will be pain.
Life is a test.
Make time for rest.
Don't give in
to sin...
Know that one day we will fly
if we keep looking to the sky.
It has been completely by Grace
that I have been able to erase
the past.
I knew it wouldn't last.
Every night, I'd cry
and wonder why?
and how?
But, not now...
I know that everything happens for a reason.
We are in fact party to a great treason.
His love conquers all.
He won't let you fall.
Be aware!
Learn how to care
and love.
Rise above.
The end is drawing near.
There is only One
you should fear.
Take this test and do your best.
In the end, a shameful sinner
will be a winner.
Be clever
and choose to love as Jesus did and will forever.

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