Thursday, May 31, 2012

Every day, I pray

**First one from the "Until the Day I Die, I'll Write for You by Brandy Marie"
                        Every Day
                           I pray
                         to strive
                         feel alive            
              for You               
    I will go through                  
  all of the pain                
 that drives me insane
                       I feel happy
            knowing you will have me              
    Even when I fail                   
and need bail                     
 from You                 
 It will all get better
     and I will go through this weather                        
for You         
I'm sorry for my mistakes
            I'll do whatever it takes
                    to change
                       MY LIFE          
 Screw the bad....I can't be mad.               
      IN TIME
                  all will be fine
               I've got to live my life
          I'll cut the tension with a knife
  Sit back and smile....even if it's just for a little while
                      FOR YOU
                I'd give my life too
       You are great , and I am small
I believe you will be there through it all
              Peace be with us.
Please, don't let us fuss and fight and
  I pray that everything will be alright.

                       Brandy Marie

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